Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am not, I swear, nasty by nature. I actually liked the old V Bar on Second. When the Splash website made its debut, I tweeted about its terrific food photos.

What you see here is a low-light cellphone image of something the Splash Happy Hour menu calls "Pesto Arachini" (correctly spelled as arancini on the website). Six marble-size rice balls in tomato goop atop a bed of wilted spinach. Not a basil leaf in sight.

Fine, it's only four bucks. But it does not give hope that owners Brian Fetty and Frank Leung have a clue about food. And it does not bode well that the clientele at 10 PM on a weeknight consists of employees on their days off.

Am I being too harsh? Dunno. Belltown blogger David Nelson likes the grub just fine.

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